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American Housewife - Season 2

On top of that, the multiple revelations at the end of episode 13, including that Katie is pregnant, looks set to shake things up dramatically, giving us plenty of story potential for season 6 if it does happen.

American Housewife - Season 2

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"We got a chance to meet Karen and chat," said Uche. "She was a consultant on season one of the show. Season two they deviated from the book. Our producers took creative control and went in a different direction. We had no idea what we were walking into in season two. And they take their time telling us what's going to happen, believe me."

"I know the writers always had a little bit of a vision of where they wanted to take this. The books do continue, but they follow a different set of characters. The writers and us, we all just loved working together, so they wanted to keep following these stories. These specific four high school students. They sped it up towards the end of season one and we run in guns blazing in season two. No pause."

Prior to his success here with "One Of Us Is Lying," Uche had a recurring role in ABC's "American Housewife" set in Westport. Some Westport residents didn't initially take too kindly to the depiction of their town on the sitcom. His character, Andre, didn't come along until season five, along with Holly Robinson Peete, but joined "recurring character status" that included Leslie Bibb and Wendie Malick.

Kyra Sedgwick vehicle Call Your Mother was one of few new series to launch this season and bypassed the pilot stage after production was derailed by the pandemic. Rounding out the cancellations, For Life was a former favorite of Burke (who greenlit the show) but the show about racial inequality in the justice system was never able to catch on with viewers.

Of course, series renewals for the upcoming TV season also mean cancellations. ABC is cancelling "Speechless" after three seasons and "For the People" and "Splitting Up Together" after two. A first-season drama, "The Fix," and a comedy, "The Kids Are Alright" also won't be back.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator and executive producer Sarah Dunn revealed "American Housewife" season 2 will follow Doris' journey as a fourth-time mom. However, this time around, the character will have a different, perhaps a gentler approach than her first three children.

"American Housewife" season 2 will also tackle the friendship between Doris, Katie Otto (Katy Mixon), and Angela (Carly Hughes). Sadly, their distinctive mothering philosophies might cause a rift in their relationship.

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE opens with Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) bemoaning the departure of her neighbor, "Fat Pam," which leaves her, as she says, "the second-fattest housewife" in Westport, Connecticut. Surrounded by seemingly perfect neighbors with huge bank accounts and tiny figures, Katie and her husband, Greg (Diedrich Bader), rent a modest home in the town for the benefits of the excellent school district. Their kids -- Taylor (Meg Donnelly), Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio), and Anna-Kat (Julia Butters) -- all have their idiosyncrasies, but Katie's determined to raise them well, despite the whitewashed influence of Westport's "perfect" residents. 041b061a72


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