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[S15E7] Gov Love

On the runway, category is Everybody say Glove. All of the queens are praised for their performances. Anetra, Luxx Noir London, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, and Sasha Colby all receive positive critiques on their runway looks, while Loosey LaDuca and Salina EsTitties receive lukewarm feedback. RuPaul then asks the queens who should go home and why. Loosey LaDuca and Anetra choose Salina EsTitties. Mistress Isabelle Brooks chooses Sasha Colby. Luxx Noir London and Salina EsTitties choose Loosey LaDuca. Sasha Colby chooses Luxx Noir London and Loosey LaDuca.

[S15E7] Gov Love


At the Reward Challenge, the castaways were surprised by the appearance of their loved ones (Amanda's sister, Courtney's father, Denise's husband, Erik's mother, Peih-Gee's father and Todd's sister) with whom they teamed up in the challenge. The team of Denise and her husband won, and selected Amanda and Todd, along with their sisters, to join them on the trip. After Courtney, Erik, and Peih-Gee were sent away, Jeff announced the remaining loved ones would spend the night at the camp.

What happens when your "type" doesn't seem to work, yet you keep gravitating towards people with similar characteristics over and over again? We're here to learn how to reset our romantic GPS with Marc Sholes so we don't keep steering toward the wrong partners. We discuss how attachment style plays into the partners you choose, when to work through a rough patch vs. accept it's not the right partner for you, and how to start making different choices that lead to different outcomes for your love life.

Is this the year we'll finally stop ghosting each other? With Dating Sunday behind us, it's time to take on 2023 with all we got. On this bonus episode, we're chatting about how to recession-proof your dating life, what's happening with dating and our mental health, and why 2023 is the year to finally take control of your love life.

The bludgeoned corpse of a promiscuous lawyer is found in her office and detectives treat her former lovers as suspects until DNA evidence points to a co-worker. This crossover continues on Law & Order: Trial By Jury S01E08 Skeleton (II).

When a TV network executive is found murdered, Detectives Fontana and Green suspect a pair of twins who were stealing from the organization until they discover a celebrity chef with whom the married victim shared an affair. The nimble and charming chef is adroit at cultivating relationships with judges and juries alike, but prosecutor McCoy intends to reveal that the suspect's cooking show was about to be cancelled by his late lover.

National Treasure: Edge of History is a new action-adventure series brought to us by Disney +. Unlike the movies, the Series does not have Nicolas Cage as the main character, Benjamin Gates. The series instead follows the main character of Jess Valenzuela's journey as she uncovers a lost treasure, hidden for centuries. One of the notable aspects of the television series is the representation of women, with many adventure-action movies and shows typically featuring women as side-kicks or love interests of the main, male protagonist. We all love seeing action-packed characters like Indiana Jones and The Mummy's Rick O'Connell. However, it is refreshing to see another female Tomb-raider-like character on our screens! 041b061a72


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