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Girls Forever (1700) Mp4 'LINK'

When the U.S. Congress created the Cooperative Extension Service at the USDA in 1914, it included boys' and girls' clubs' work. The organization became known as 4-H--which stands for "Head, Heart, Hands, and Health." Visit the 4-H website and explore the history of the 4-H program.

Girls Forever (1700) mp4

Our hardcover editions are beautifully bound and make an amazing gift that will be treasured forever. Each book's striking artwork is laminated onto the sturdy cover material resulting in a rich, lustrous finish that will retain its original look for years.

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[36, Ecstasy of St. Theresa, 1652, Bernini, Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome] Embracing the theatrical nature of Baroque art, Bernini turned this chapel into a theater. In fact, members of the family who paid for the art got to look on from the VIP box. Using all his artistic tools and 3-D tricks, Bernini invigorates reality with emotion. Center stage, an angel pierces St. Teresa's heart with a heavenly arrow. As the saint famously described her ecstasy: "The pain was so sharp that I cried aloud. But so delightful that I wished it would last forever."

[70, Merry Family, 1668, Steen, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam] And these parents party while the kids copy their irresponsible behavior: the girls learn to drink and the little boy picks up smoking. The note warns, "Parents beware: your children are learning from your bad behavior." 041b061a72


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