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Automation Studio V57 Gratuit [2021]

IBM Cloud™ Pak for Automation delivers a robust, end-to-end solution for business automation needs within the clients' enterprise. In the current competitive marketplace, digital companies use software automation to achieve higher revenue per employee than their traditional counterparts. Automation can maximize revenue per employee by reinventing the client experience while reducing costs.

Automation Studio V57 Gratuit

  • Cloud Pak for Automation V19.0.2 delivers the following enhanced capabilities:Introduce a development environment with Business Automation Studio for the digital automation platform that helps accelerate digital transformation. Business Automation Studio will become the single place where users of the automation platform go to author applications, digital agents and services.

  • Build, modify, and refine business automation-based applications with Application Designer.

  • Provide granular access control for Business Automation Insights dashboards.

  • Business Automation Insights is a platform-level component that provides visualization and insights to business owners. It feeds a unified data lake with business automation data that can be used to infuse artificial intelligence in the Automation Platform for Digital Business. Based on current open source technologies, Business Automation Insights: Enables the capture of events generated by the operational systems implemented with the Automation Platform for Digital Business products.

  • Aggregates operational data in business relevant KPIs.

  • Presents operational data in meaningful dashboards that allows lines of business to have a near real-time view on their business operations.

  • Takes advantage of the valuable data that is generated by operational systems implemented with the Automation Platform for Digital Business, to apply machine learning algorithms. This infuses intelligence into the platform, and guides knowledge workers and business owners. Potential applications include the ability to:Recommend decisions.

  • Predict process duration.

  • Advise next best task.

  • Predict bottlenecks or Service Level Agreement (SLA) breakage.

  • Optimize processes.

  • Business Automation Studio provides the development environmentfor the digital automation platform to help accelerate digital transformation. It becomes the singleplace where users of the automation platform go to author applications, digital agents, andservices. It introduces: Designers for applications, business services and agents

  • Consistent lifecycle and governance mechanisms to help authors create and manage theirprojects

  • A Catalog where authors can go to discover reusable assets

  • Collaboration mechanisms to help facilitate communication among authors working on projects

This release introduces the first authoring designer called Application Designer.Application Designer is a low-code application builder where clients can build, modify, and refinebusiness automation-based applications that take advantage of the capabilities of the platformthrough iterative development and playback. The focus of the low-code building experience is on pagecreation that use easy-to-use methods for populating the page with UI views and configuration.

Use virtual machines to work with any automation software. even if you are student your college or whatever will probably provide some free student licenses to VmWare and Windows. At least where I went.

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