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Alfred Drevis is the husband of Monika Drevis and the father of Aya Drevis, serving as both the person who needs to be rescued, as well as the primary antagonist. He is a mad scientist who has been turning people into dolls alongside his assistant, Maria. Once his late-wife comes back from the dead as a vengeful ghost, his daughter goes on a quest to save him.

Father Father

In spite of his cruelty, he'll often spare people whom he finds either "helpful" or "useful." His wife is one such person, as she owned a large estate and mansion, as well as her grandfather's research into turning humans into dolls, the latter which fed into his obsession. Another one would be Maria, his assistant. He intended to turn her into a doll, but decided to keep her alive when he found out how good her medical skills are. However, once he's finished with them, or if they happen to do something that he perceives as a slight against him, Alfred will nonchalantly kill them in cold blood.

Once Aya arrives at the Basement 1F Incubation Room, Alfred is scene near the feat of his wife. Though the young girl is happy to find her father, she's more surprised at seeing her, and cries out to her. Monika ignores her, and drags Alfred away with her deeper in the basement's depths.

At the Other World, Maria arrives and attempts to fight Monika, but ends up getting defeated. When Aya arrives, Monika claims she's after Alfred to put an end to what he's done to others. Aya isn't fooled, since her mother knew Alfred more than anyone, and states that the real reason has to be because he's been hanging out with Maria. Monika decides to run with that, and claims she want to drag him away with her to the afterlife. Aya begs to be taken with them, but Monika refuses, want Aya to live a happy life. The young girl then manages to grab Alfred, where she has to decide whether to save him, or respect her mother's wish to take Alfred away with her. Ultimately, she chooses her father, and uses some Magic Water - that she obtained earlier from a mysterious man named Ogre - on her. As Monika begins to fade away, Alfred, his daughter, and his assistant return to the Drevis Mansion.

Aya hugs her father, content that things turned out okay. Alfred responds that they'll visit their mother first thing in the morning, with the claim that her spirit must've been lonely. However, unbeknown to Alfred, Monika had just enough power left to reveal the truth to her daughter: that Alfred killed her because he wants to turn Aya into a doll. When Aya begins to back away from him, he asks her why she appears to be afraid of him. Thats' when she accidentally discovers her mother's corpse. Realizing his daughter now knows the truth, Alfred begins to rant and rave about how he'll preserve her beauty, even asking her what kind of doll she'd like to be. As his daughter begins to flee, Alfred grabs his chainsaw and pursues after her.

Aya is Alfred's daughter. Alfred adored his daughter, viewing her as his treasure, and often spent as much time as he could keeping her safe and spending time to play with her. Aya, in turn, looked up to her father, and often turned the other way when it came to his cruel experiments.

The scientist's identity as Alfred Drevis is given more hints in version 3.00 of the game. If the player chats with Library - a woman who's implied to be the Aya Clone Alfred made - she mentions having a father who locks himself up in the lab all day doing experiments, just like what Alfred does in the Drevis Mansion's basement.

In Misao: Definitive Edition, if the player attempts to name Library "Aya," she rejects it, saying that only her father can call her that. Also of note is that the sprite sheets that contains the scientist are labelled "zombie_madfather." This would seem to outright confirm that the scientist is indeed Alfred.

The court is required to ask the parent who shows up at the first court hearing about the identity and location of anyone who may qualify as a father or other parent to the child. The court must then send that person notice of future court hearings.

Most fathers or other parents in dependency cases start off as alleged fathers or parents. You are considered to be an alleged father or parent if the mother of your child has told the social worker that you are the father or other parent. You are also considered an alleged father or other parent if you show up to the first hearing and say that you are the parent of the child.

You are a biological father if a DNA test shows that you are the father of your child or you have a judgment of paternity from a family law court. As a biological father, you have the right to notice of dependency hearings and the right to show that you are a presumed father. The court can also give you reunification services (these are services to help you get your child back into your care) if the court believes that giving you services would be best for your child. Your relatives will also get special consideration when the social worker decides where your child should live.

However, Hohenheim reveals his own plan: all the Xersesians souls that Hohenheim separated from his body and merged with the earth itself, using the moon's shadow as a circle, force Father to release the Amestrian souls and guide them back to their own bodies. Without the Amestrian souls, Father begins to lose control of "God" and his body becomes riddled with pronounced veins due to the strain. Furious, Father claims that he can always create another Philosopher's Stone using a hundred million or even a billion lives, because there are always more humans that he can draw energy from and he attacks the group with formidable blasts of explosions, that Hohenheim manages to block. Not letting up, Father launches a wave of energy at his human foes, but May transmutes an alkahestric barrier around them all, declaring that her craft's specialty is harnessing the flow of energy within the earth and that, the more energy is thrown at her, the more she is able to use. However, when Father fires another volley, Hohenheim moves quickly to block it with his hands, which burn and crumble as it becomes apparent that he hasn't the energy necessary to compete with Father. As he begins to fall back, Ed and Al rush to his aid, holding him up so that he might keep up the fight and their grateful father redoubles his efforts, straining his Philosopher's Stone. Luckily, Scar activates the Alkahestric reverse-Nationwide Transmutation Circle, which nullifies Father's "buffer" and grants true alchemy to Amestrians. Ed, Al and Izumi continue their assault on Father and Hohenheim explains that they can win if they can force the Homunculus to use up all the energy of his Philosopher's Stone. Greed emerges from the shadows to help the fight, but Father merely deflects all of their attacks and ascends toward the surface. Knowing that fighting the alchemists would only further weaken his ability to contain "God" within him, Father takes to the surface of Central Command to claim the souls of the nearby Briggs soldiers and replenish his stone, but an attack from Hohenheim makes him lose concentration.

Now surrounded by Hohenheim, Izumi, Alphonse, and May, Father is asked by Hohenheim the reason why he hates humans by pointing out his origins and the reason that the Homunculi exist is because of Philosopher Stones, which are made from human souls. Hohenheim asserts that Father is only capable of destruction and his evolution has reached a dead end. Father replies that he can create and proves Hohenheim wrong by resurrecting the Xerxesians with his body. As the alchemists recoil in horror as the Xerxesians wander about, grateful to have returned to the world of the living, Edward finally makes his way to the surface. Seeing him, Father grins and releases another energy blast which wipes out both the recreated Xerxesians and most of Central Command. However, Al and Hohenheim managed to shield everyone at great expanse to their physical beings. Ed looks at the scorched body of his father and calls out to him, but as Hohenheim opens his eyes, Father appears behind him and swats him aside. Deciding on Izumi and Edward as his first targets, Father attempts to draw out their souls into a Philosopher's Stone, but is interrupted when the military joins the fray with the blind Mustang, along with Lt. Riza Hawkeye supporting him, and Major Alex Louis Armstrong spearheading the attack.

The Briggs soldiers, pouring out from Central Command, open fire on him with rifles, rockets and machine guns, giving the alchemists time to get to safety. Father merely shrugs these attacks off, shielding himself with an impenetrable barrier of alchemical energy, but the soldiers are ordered to stand clear as a deluge of flame washes over their inhuman foe; though Father is unharmed by the attack, Colonel Mustang, Major Armstrong and Lieutenant Hawkeye have appeared on the scene. Hawkeye informs the blind Flame Alchemist that his aim was off and gives him targeting directions for his next massive salvo. As he claps his hands together to compensate for the damage done to his Flame Alchemy gloves, Roy remarks that he hasn't yet gotten the hang of circle-free transmutation and attacks Father with flames again, but Father simply absorbs the flames and reflects them back at Mustang. With a warning from Hawkeye, Mustang rapidly transmutes a wall to defend against Father's counterattack and finds the clapping to be useful. Unfortunately, even with everyone working together, Father remains unharmed and declares that the humans are incapable of penetrating his defenses. Suddenly, Greed bursts from the cloud of dust and gun smoke and delivers a punch right to his father's face, exclaiming that a Homunculus might succeed where humans have failed, but as Father takes hold of Greed's hand, he thanks his son for delivering a complete Philosopher's Stone to him when he needed it most and begins draining Philosopher's Stone energy from his body. However, Greed counters that he knew Father would drop his guard in order to absorb a Stone and explains that his own plan is to drain god energy instead. Greed begins draining energy from his father's body, but the Homunculus leader's pull is too strong and he reverses the flow. Seeing their comrade in danger, Edward, Alex and Izumi rush to Greed's aid, throwing a volley of physical attacks. Overwhelmed by the multiple onslaught, Father pushes them all back with a wave of energy, shattering Edward's automail arm in the process, but the alchemists remain unfazed and commence a second wave. But when Father blocks a kick from Edward with his arm instead of energy, Hohenheim realizes that the Homunculus is at his breaking point and can barely keep God contained within his body. Bulging and writing in agony as God's eye rises from his gullet and into his mouth, threatening to escape, Father topples to the ground and releases a huge burst of energy which throws everyone from his body. 041b061a72


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