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[S4E14] Card Wars

The episode starts at the Tree Fort with Finn eating sandwiches and drinking juice on the couch. Jake soon walks in with a box and sighs obnoxiously to get Finn's attention. Finn asks what is in the box, and Jake eventually explains that the box contains the cards to play Card Wars. Jake explains that Lady Rainicorn does not want to play with him anymore because he always beats her. Finn tells Jake that he wants to play, and they begin setting up a table with snacks as BMO walks by. Jake asks if BMO wants to play with them, but it ominously replies that it does "not play such games... with Jake."

[S4E14] Card Wars


Both players "floop" their land cards, and Jake reminds Finn to keep his hand hidden to avoid giving his opponent a strategic advantage. He then begins his turn by activating "The Silo of Truth," which shows him all of the cards in Finn's hand. Jake mocks Finn's hand, but takes one of Finn's cards, "Cerebral Blood Storm," which magically flies into his hand. Entering his battle phase, Jake proceeds to summon his "Husker Knights" for an attack on Finn's "Schoolhouse," backed by his stolen "Cerebral Blood Storm." When prompted to defend, Finn asks if his "Cool Dog" and "Ancient Scholar" can defend against the knights, which Jake laughs off as obviously impossible.

Finn seems uncertain how to proceed with the beginning of his turn, and Jake tells him that he needs to discard a card from his hand and draw a new one. As Finn does so, Jake mocks him as "a babe in the woods," warning that Finn's "beginner's luck ends this round." However, Finn surprises his friend by adding two new buildings to his kingdom: "Spirit Tower" and "The Cave of Solitude." In his own battle phase, Finn sends his pig to "The Cave of Solitude" for a nap and sends his "Ancient Scholar" to study in the "Schoolhouse." A bewildered Jake asks if Finn was planning to attack, but Finn explains that he will attack on another turn.

The taunt, however, gives Jake an idea; he excitedly floops his "Volcano" despite Finn's shocked protests. Although the resulting lava flow annihilates most of Jake's own kingdom, a stray rock destroys Finn's cave, along with the pig inside it. Happy that he finally killed the pig, Jake plays "Reclaim Landscape" to restore his kingdom to its original state, reviving his "Husker Knights" in the process. Next, Jake moves his "Useless Swamp" card to reveal "The Immortal Maize Walker" underneath, a powerful-looking spirit creature that does triple damage if its controller has cornfields in their kingdom.

To both Finn and Jake's dismay, the pig wins the battle, and a scowling Jake prepares to admit defeat. However, as the pig begins to return to Finn's side, it gets stuck in the mud and falls under Jake's control. This causes Jake to regain his excitement; since pigs cannot leave mud landscapes once they enter, he gleefully declares "the pig is mine!" He then plays another "Reclaim Landscape" card to restore his cornfields, before summoning "Archer Dan" to destroy all of Finn's buildings with corn-tipped arrows. For his final move, Jake summons a large, reaper-like creature that takes control of all of Finn's creatures. Jake triumphantly explains that he has won, since Finn has no creatures left.

A physical version of the game was released on February 19, 2014 by Cryptozoic Entertainment. This version, made for two players, features 80 different cards, 8 lane tiles, and 20 hit point tokens.[19] Several variants have been released, including a "Finn vs. Jake" box, a "BMO vs. Lady Rainicorn" release, and a "Lumpy Space Princess vs. Princess Bubblegum" set.[19][20]

The tutorial is fairly simple and short, providing the player with the knowledge of the mechanics of the game and the various abilities, creature, and spell cards that players can build on and strengthen by winning battles and unlocking treasure chests. The mechanics are a simple drag and drop. Want to cast a spell? Drag it and drop it over which ever creature you want to affect. Want to attack? Drag which creature you want to attack with to the creature you want to attack. 041b061a72


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